Having trouble setting your MTU to 1492?
Winpoet Users
(Note: Winpoet dose not work with windows XP at this time)
Are you using WinPoet to connect? If so, click Start > Run, type Regedit and hit Enter. When the Registry Editor opens up, click Edit and select Find. Where it says Find what: type TunnelMode (registry values are case sensitive;(type it exactly as it is here) and hit Enter.

When it finds TunnelMode, right click it and select Modify. Change the value from 1 to 0. Click Ok and close Registry Editor. Reboot and take the TCP/IP Analyzer test again. If it reports 1454 again, then click Refresh. Your MTU should be 1492 now (if that's what you have it set to in the Registry). Let us know how everything turns out. Good luck.

Also in some cases winpoet before editing will show a MTU of 1400 or less if this is the case the most you maybe able to get is 1460 or about

Note: If you can't connect to the internet after changing the setting to 0, then change it back to 1 and reboot.


Also Winpoet can be hacked out to make this work but the time and energy involved isnít worth it your almost better off with

Enternet or RASPPPoE If we get enough requests on hacking this out then a guide would have to be made.