Create a PPPoE connection on Windows XP
1. Right click My Network Places on your desktop and select Properties. It will open up Network Connections.
2. In the Network Connections window, double click New Connection Wizard. This will open the window that you see below.

3. Click Next.
4. Select Connect to the Internet and click Next

5. Select Setup my connection manually and click Next.

6. Select Connect using a broadband connection that requires a user name and password and click Next.

7. Type the name of your ISP in the following box. Follow the example shown in the image. After typing the name of your Internet Service Provider, click Next.

8. Type in your username and password in the following boxes and click Next. Make sure your results look like the image below.

9. Click Finish to create the connection.
10. To connect with your new connection, double click your connection and click Connect.
*Note* You can disable Prompt for user name and password within the connections' properties.
Your connection will be accessible throught the Network Connections Window via Start>Control Panel or by right clicking My Network Connections and selection Properties. By right clicking your connection and selecting Properties, you can customize your PPPoE connection and even enable Window XP's firewall. By default, your MTU will be 1480. Unfortunately, there is no way around this within the registry. None of this is bad... the connection is still fast and still flawless. This is Microsoft's optimized MTU. Enjoy your new PPPoE connection.