Stalls, freeze up's and Slow downs: Assigning a IP address Win9x 

This is caused by DHCP time in Windows 98 & 98SE/ME
This will or can happen in Win2k also
Do this
Open control panel

Open Network

Look for the first entry in the scroll box marked TCP/IP, that is associated with a hardware ethernet card (ignore dialup, AOL and VPN type bindings).

Select it and press properties

Select IP address from the tab

Is Obtain IP address automatically checked? if so, change that to Define IP address and enter, and, into IP address and subnet mask fields respectively
This assignment of a harmless local IP address to the TCP/IP settings bound (connected) to your network adaptor, will stop the in-built DHCP services from waking up every 10 minutes to look for a DHCP server so that it can "fill in the blanks".

Also if this is Win98SE do this
Microsofts NDIS fix for Windows 98SE found here on the Microsoft updates page.



Assigning an IP Address and Subnet Mask for Windows XP and Windows 2000(Important!)


First do this: Click Start > Run and type command, or cmd.

In DOS window, type ipconfig /all and hit enter. This will show you your current IPs that your NIC and PPPoE adapters have.

Only pay attention to your Ethernet Card Adapter, not to the PPP adapter.

Next, right click My Network Places and select Properties from the drop down menu.

This will open up the Network Connections window.

In here, locate your Local Area Network connection and right click it.

Select Properties from the drop down menu.

In the next Window that opens up, select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click Properties at the bottom.

In the next window, click 'Use the following IP Address'.

This is where that DOS window comes in handy.

Copy the same exact IP Address from your Ethernet card (in the dos window) and place it where it says IP Address.

Same goes for the Subnet Mask and Default Gateway. If your Default Gateway is blank, then just leave it blank.

At the same time add the DNS IP address(s) that is shown in the DOS window

Click Ok, then Ok again. In the DOS window type exit dos then enter. Reboot your machine. Now there is absolutely NO loading. You can connect as soon as you see your desktop.


Note: If your ISP should change the IP address there is the possibility that it may not connect immediately in any case this will fix a bunch of problems with XP and 2000 especially when using 3RD party firewalls

Sub Note: you won’t be able to connect immediately in 2000 but this will shorten the time and speed up the connection in some cases