Editing out the install files in Enternet. If you donít feel like editing enternet skip down to the bottom to Adjusting Enternet Cont.: Doing it by the Windows registry (Note: Enternet will not work with Windows XP at this time)

If this is EnterNet 100, then you can change it in the Network properties. Right click Network Neighborhood and select properties. Choose the adapter EnterNet created and select properties. You'll see that MaxSegSize there set at 1454, just set that at 1492 and you're set. This isnít always true but its worth a try.

Note this can be done with all the Enternet software. ALL THIS GETS DONE PRIOR TO INSTALLING (if you can type on the key's of your keyboard you can do this) If it's already installed you can un-install it and re-install with the new settings

There's is a good reason for doing it this way. If you ever have to replace your network card or make changes the settings will stay and you wont have to edit the registry out in your machine every time you make a change.

I just did this with the newer version Enternet 500, and have done this with prior versions going back to Enternet 100. For the practical side of things Enternet 300 is still the current version used by your ISP, and mine. We will stick with that for editing. 500 is the same for the files we will edit.

Enternet comes in 4 different file types. Zip (Self-extracting) or on a CD with or without a cab file. The fix we are doing does not deal with the cab version this was a early version of enternet 300 and just never had time to deal with it. First you'll need to extract the files. The CD can be copied to the hard drive. The .zip can be extracted normally. The self-extractor use WinZip you simply right click on the file with Winzip installed on your machine and chose extract to folder.

Now that you have the program extracted, or copied to your hard drive. This will be where you can get to the .INF files Open the directory where the install files are located. PRIOR to going any farther make a copy of the .INF files. For backup reasons. Due to the nature of there copy write we won't be able to give you copies of the files but you are allowed to set the sizing of the MTU or MaxFrameSize. This was an option offered to your ISP at the time they purchased it for distribution.

Important note: The .INF files may be write protected or read only.

To fix that right click on the file.

Click on properties.

This will open a new window.

Change it to archive and click on ok.

This will allow you to save the file in its named form and allow you to adjust the setting.

Files to be edited your version may vary a touch

Open each of the files in Notepad, and do a search for the number "1454"

Everytime you see the number 1454 change it to 1492. After this is done save the file, and exit.

You will now be able to install your Enternet program with a correct MTU.

Adjusting Enternet Cont.: Doing it by the Windows registry

If you already have Enternet installed, and you want to adjust the MTU to 1492 there is also a fix you can perform. Only do it this way, If you are sure about editing the registry in windows the steps above are safer.

In Windows 9x Operating Systems:

Load regedit. Start > Run > Regedit

Locate the [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Class\Netrans\00x] folder

Under this folder are numbered folders (Example: 0001,0002,0003). Some systems have more, and some have less.

In these numbered folders is a reg key named "MaxFrameSize"

Right click on the key > Modify > Change the value to 1492.

Do this for all of the folders found under Netrans that include this value.

In Windows 2000 Operating Systems:

Load regedit. Start > Run > Regedit

Press Ctrl+F, and search for "MaxFrameSize"

Once found Right Click > Modify > Select Decimal > Input 1492

After this fix reboot the machine, and re-run the Analyzer to see if the MTU fix was applied correctly.