AOL Users
America Online's software allows you to connect to AOL using TCP/IP over the Internet from your DSL Connection.

To connect to America Online using DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) service you need to follow steps A and B below. These steps will help you:
- Create a New Location.
- Connect via the New Location.

A. Create a New Location for use over DSL:
1. On the Sign On screen, click SETUP.
2. On the AOL Setup screen, click the ADD LOCATION button.
3. On the Add Location screen, change the default name for the new location to "Home - via DSL".
4. Click "Select a custom connection (for example, TCP/IP)", then click NEXT.
5. At the Add Number (Connection) screen click on the pull down arrow next to "Connect Using:" and select "TCP/IP: LAN or ISP (Internet Service Provider)", then click OK
6. Select "DSL (Digital Subscriber Line)" from the "Automatic Connection Script" pull down box, then click OK.
7. Click CLOSE

B. Connect via DSL
1. Connect to your DSL service as usual. (If you need help with this part please contact your DSL service provider).
2. Start America Online.
3. On the Sign On screen select "Home - via DSL" from the Select Location pull down box. (This is done by clicking on the downward pointed arrow at the right hand side of the box).
4. Click SIGN ON.